The Paranormal: Techno Geek Style


Let’s face it, the paranormal is a great field to get your geek on. If you love gadgets, electronic wibbles and  flashy thingamajigs then being a paranormal investigator will thrill you to death…no pun intended. A couple of weeks ago I finished a book about all those wonderful things we like to take out into the dark of night in our never-ending endeavor to capture the crucial pieces of evidence that bring us closer to answering  all those perplexing questions about the other side.

The book is called “Strange Frequencies: A Practical Guide to Paranormal Technology” by Craig Telesha. First let me say: this is not a how-to book on ghost hunting. It is about all the equipment we use to ghost hunt and the history behind it. This is an excellent guide for the non-techie. It is chock full of information about photography, video, audio recording, EMF detectors, and the use of radios such as spirit boxes. The author compares the old and the new and talks in-depth about the advantages and disadvantages of each. There is even a chapter on how to build your own gadgets, including schematics, for use in the field.

He talks about photo and audio contamination from a technical viewpoint. Telesha discusses some of the other pieces of equipment we know and love such as EMF meters, thermometers, ion counters, Geiger counters, motion detectors, radar detectors, compasses, as well as giving you a basic understanding of how they all work.

The theme of this book isn’t paranormal investigating but the science behind it. Page after page is turned without one mention of ghosts. This is a great book to reference when researching new equipment or when looking to go old school. The book was published in 2008 and in technological years that’s eons ago. But the history and principles of the technology that we use in our investigations is as relevant today as it was when the book hit the press.

Knowledge is power. Knowing how the gadgets in our hands work will go a long way in helping us identify and debunk any “evidence” we get during our investigations. Telesha does a good job in demystifying the tech side of what we do. It’s well written and really caters to those whose knowledge of ghost tech is minimal.

I’ve read a lot of books on the paranormal and ghost hunting. Many touch on the equipment you need but few tell you why you need it or how it works. This book fills that gap. I have no doubt that this volume should be on every investigators reference shelf. Dive in! It’s a quick and easy read and will pay off in your investigations for years to come. ~Guest post by Roy Branson


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